Reading Schedule

Here are the happenings for The Silverberg Business, Ohio, Texas, and Illinois.

Emporium reading, August 2021.

Books by the Banks, Saturday, November 19, Cincinnati, OH. I’ll be there at a table 10-4, with a break for a panel at 1pm, with Roger Collins, Jay Kalagayan, Christopher Rowe, and Laura Maylene Walter. Free admission.

Past Events

August 23 8pm, Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, Columbus, OH, reading with Jeffrey Ford

August 27 7pm, Emporium Wines/Underdog Cafe, Yellow Springs, OH, reading and conversation with Rebecca Kuder.

August 29, 7pm, Joseph-Beth Books, Cincinnati, OH, reading and conversation with Rebecca Kuder

August 30, 7pm, Book People, Austin, TX.

August 31, 6:30pm Brazos Books, Houston, TX.

September 13, 7pm, Book Cellar, Chicago, IL with Jon Langford.

October 13th, 6pm, Yellow Springs Library, Yellow Springs, OH, with guitar accompaniment by Brady Burkett of Stark Folk Band.

Audio of me, reading with Victor LaValle at KGB, NYC, April 20, 2022.