The New Offbeat

Here’s a snippet of a brief review by Rich Horton from the February Locus of Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed.

“Other delvings into the small press turn up such treasures as Robert Freeman Wexler’s brief collection…half a dozen offbeat stories, notably the book’s one original, “The Sidewalk Factory: A Municipal Romance.”

Horton’s column also included the latest Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, which he says is “as ever, packed with original and offbeat stories.  My story, “Suspension,” appeared in a past issue of Lady Churchill‘s, and is in the collection, making it no doubt doubly offbeat.

My handy electronic dictionary defines offbeat as:

offbeat |ˈôfˌbēt; ˈäf-|


1 Music not coinciding with the beat.

2 unconventional; unusual : she’s a little offbeat but she’s a wonderful actress.noun Musicany of the normally unaccented beats in a bar.

There are a lot of labels and movements out there: magical realism, slipstream, interstitial, new weird, steampunk, etc., but  I don’t know if I’m part of any of them. My stories have not appeared in their definitive anthologies. So I must be something else. I’m relieved to see a new one that I can claim.  But am I Offbeat?  Or New Offbeat?  Has there been an Offbeat?  Or an Onbeat? There were Beats, of course.

The next step is an Offbeat Manifesto, and a roster of fellow Offbeats, along with Proto-Offbeats (without which any movement is derailed before it starts).


6 thoughts on “The New Offbeat

  1. nancyjane

    Can I be offbeat, too? I definitely feel off this morning, and I’m more than a little beat, too (a result of indulging in Austin nightlife, which involves entirely too many people, many of whom are incapable of staying in one place for more than a few minutes).

    Of course, I don’t write like you. In fact, I really don’t know anyone else who writes quite like you. I suspect future critics will come up with a unique category for it: Wexlerian comes to mind.

    1. Robert Freeman Wexler

      Hi Nancy,

      Sure, offbeat is a good place to be. Like Butch Hancock’s no two alike club–you’ll never read the same offbeat story twice.

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