Not a big fan of. But I miss Three Brother’s Bakery. It’s near where my parents lived in Houston. It’s what bakery means to me. I even dated one of the brother’s daughters when I was in college (one date, I think—if I was a smarter boychick I would have married into that family).

When my parents moved to Ohio a few years ago I now had very little to take me back to Houston besides the bakery (and it is a long way to go for an onion board or coconut danish, however excellent they may be). It never occurred to me to look for their web page. A bakery isn’t something you can enter virtually.

Well, someone I knew from elementary school through high school emailed me, and I friended her on Facebook. And discovered she was a fan (Facebook fan) of Three Brothers (yes, they have a Facebook fan page!). And now I’m a fan too.

And they have a website, and you can order from it.


3 thoughts on “Sentimentality

  1. Instead of ordering food from Texas, you should come back home and eat it in the places where it was meant to be eaten.

    Though I would point out that you can also order fruitcake from the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana and have been able to do so for decades, way predating the Internet.

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