3 thoughts on “Lingua Fantastika

  1. Robert, Mr. Denault is a big fan of yours. I know you’re probably diametrically opposed to the book business (art vs. commerce and all that), but there’s a good piece in this week’s New Yorker on the state of the book business.

    1. Robert Freeman Wexler

      Hey Chris, do you mean the article on iPad and Kindle? I started it a few days ago but haven’t gone back to it yet. I always forgot how long New Yorker articles are. And I’m not opposed to the book business. I’d prefer publishers that aren’t conglomerates. I like art and entertainment (and sometimes both are the same thing).

  2. That’s the one and, yes, it is long. One point is that Amazon is getting an acquisitions editor. They are signing ebook deals directly with authors of well-received self-published books. Anyway…

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