New Story

I forgot to post that I finished a new piece last week, a 13,000 word novelette. It’s the first story I’ve finished in a long time. It still needs a title though.

The art comes from an article here about giant tree-size fungus from the Devonian. It’s “A rendering of Prototaxites as it may have looked during the early Devonian Period, approximately 400 million years ago. Painting by Mary Parrish, National Museum of Natural History.”

Giant fungus do appear in the story.


2 thoughts on “New Story

  1. Kaaron Warren

    Titles are tough! I hate them. I’m sure the right one will come to you, though. What an evocative image you’ve posted.

    1. Robert Freeman Wexler

      That painting looks so much like it could have been science fiction art. It’s funny that it’s actually a scholarly/botanical piece. I usually have a title before I finish something. Right now it’s “Mountain Story” and if I have to I’ll leave it at that.

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