First Undiscovered Territories Review

Publisher’s Weekly has some things to say, some good, some not, which is what I would expect from a collection that has a lot of stylistic variety. Collections can’t please everyone. For example: “Weaker pieces rely on repetitive motifs and uncanny concepts stretched too-thin” but “The strongest entries allow Wexler’s accomplished prose ample elbow room.” I don’t agree with the part about weaker pieces, yet, obviously the reviewer is correct on the praising bits. Full review here.


2 thoughts on “First Undiscovered Territories Review

  1. Dale Barnard

    Doesn’t seem like a bad review overall. They are negative toward one of your most popular stories–Bread! WTF. What do they expect bread to say? Overall, considering the niche within a niche that you target, I suggest clinging to that “accomplished prose” comment. Sounds like a quote for a future book cover!

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