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More Research Notes

This image is a screen-shot of a railway timetable from the June 2, 1888 edition of the Victoria Advocate, Victoria, TX. Scans from the paper are available online here. I have a character who needs to talk to the conductor … Continue reading

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The Great West

Cool image from an 1889 book on railroads and harbors that I found while researching stuff.

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Springdale Longitude and Latitude

Today I finished the first draft of an afterword for the ebook version of In Springdale Town. Very interesting to look back on the events that led to my writing the story. I might post it here later on, but … Continue reading

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Victoria Book

During my current research I came across a reference to a book on the history of Victoria, TX that came out in 1883 and was reprinted in 1961 (as History of Victoria County;: A republishing of the book known as … Continue reading

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Beginnings, Again

I’ve written what might be the beginning of the Western. If not the beginning, a starting point (and it’s true, you do have to start somewhere).  I have a long way to go with the research, and I’d rather be … Continue reading

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Another Take On Fiction For The Brain

Over at Book View Cafe, Nancy Jane Moore has an interesting post on Annie Murphy Paul’s article and other related research by Keith Oatley and Raymond Mar. As a book designer, I would be curious to see a study that … Continue reading

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Reading Fiction Is Good For The Brain (and what’s good for the brain is good for the rest of your body)

It turns out that reading fiction is actually good for you. Not that I didn’t already believe that, but I’ve met plenty of people who don’t read fiction, because they say they only want to read real things. This piece … Continue reading

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Today I wrote some of the beginning of part two of the novel I’ve been working on (called New Springdale Novel or maybe Recollections of a Malleable Future). Part one is first person, part two is third person. Same character, … Continue reading

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