New Springdale Novel

There are days to be endured, days to be celebrated, and the rest, the mundane many that shove us onward through time and space. Every morning I wake up and wonder which kind today will be. The key is to anticipate the unendurable. I’ve yet to manage that. But I survive. Most people do. The unendurable days pass like all the rest, even if they appear to take longer.

This is the beginning of chapter one of the novel I’ve been working on. It’s preceded by a prologue that I’ll post sometime. I first conceived it as another novella set in Springdale, first encountered in In Springdale Town. But after setting it aside to work on a story I decided it had enough to be a novel. Presently called New Springdale Novel.

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5 Responses to New Springdale Novel

  1. You are so business-like in your working title! I wouldn’t have expected it. “Frog,” maybe, or “The Pitteraught Apocalypse.”

  2. Robert Freeman Wexler says:

    I hate coming up with titles, so henceforth let it be known as The Pitteraught Apocalypse. I also hate coming up with names for people and stores, etc. So, as of last week, the junk and antique shop is called Youmans…

  3. shachna says:

    when will I get to read it?

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