Howdy. I’m a fiction writer. I’ve published a novella, In Springdale Town, (PS Publishing 2003 and reprinted in Best Short Novels 2004, SFBC, and in Modern Greats of Science Fiction, iBooks), a novel, Circus Of The Grand Design (Prime Books 2004), and a chapbook of short fiction, Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed (Spilt Milk Press/Electric Velocipede 2008). My new novel, The Painting And The City, with an introduction by Jeffrey Ford, is due out from PS later this year. I’ve had stories in various magazines and anthologies, including Polyphony, The Third Alternative, Electric Velocipede, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.

I read recently in Wired magazine that blogs are passé, and so figured it was time to start one. The first few posts will be notes on the stories in Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed. Most of these stories feature solitary narrators–a man alone–which I think is inherently disturbing because most people don’t want to be alone. And the solitary activity of reading accentuates the alone-ness. Perhaps that’s why a recent reviewer was so happy after he spilled his won ton soup on the chapbook; the soup residue became his reading companion, saving him from lonely Wexler fiction.

My novella In Springdale Town became my extreme man-alone tale, after which I planned to give my poor characters friends and relationships, which should also have the beneficial side-effect of preventing further soup spillage.

Psychological Methods To Sell Should Be Destroyed contains six stories: “Suspension”, “Tales of the Golden Legend”, “Valley of the Falling Clouds”, “The Green Wall”, “Indifference”, and “Sidewalk Factory: A Municipal Romance”. All except “Sidewalk Factory” were previously published.

I’d like to thank John Klima for publishing the collection and Zoran Zivcovik for writing the introduction.