Locus Review #1

Locus is a combination trade journal and fanzine for the fantasy/horror/science fiction community. It presents publishing industry news, personal items, convention reports, book and magazine reviews, lengthy interviews, etc.

I renewed my subscription a couple of years ago, after letting it lapse for many years. Even without a subscription, I was able to read reviews online. Book reviews run in the monthly print (or e-book) edition and later are added to their website, for free.

At first, I subscribed to the print edition but switched to e-book. Print is more convenient, for me, a non-smart phone non-e-reading device person, but I would rather not have all the paper piles.

I hadn’t realized until recently that the magazine is having difficulties. The editor, Liza Groen Trombi, explains the situation in more detail than I can here, in her editorials from July and August.

If you go to the Locus website, to read the occasional review or obituary, consider making the occasional contribution to help keep the place going.

Below are quotes from one of Trombi‘s editorials, with more information on how to help.

If you have the means, please consider making a charitable contribution to Locus this year, whether a one-time or monthly contribution, we really want to keep making the magazine, and we are under the gun right now. We also have a Locus Legacy Society for people who would like to name Locus Science Fiction Foundation in their will, you can find out more information about that on our donate page.

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